Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We had an awesome Hump Day!

We started our day at the clinic by sending all hands down to the school to examine 300 students with an eye chart and for other problems.  I stayed in the clinic and setup each station so we would be prepared to open when the others were done.  It’s a good thing I did, we were swamped all day.  None of us ever had more than a moment’s break the whole day, it was a steady stream of humanity.  By day’s end, we had served 535 patients in the clinic, so including the children, we made a difference in the visual lives of over 800 people. Praise God!

We had dinner with Catherine and her family, including her mother, her son Eugene and her nephew Brian.  We went to a Brazilian steak house named Pampa near Rosa Mystica, because we couldn’t get a reservation at the Carnivore, probably due to it being on the evening of the holiday celebrating Kenya’s independence from the British.  It was real blessing to see Mama again, which is what we call Caherine's mother.  It was a later than usual night for us, so we all turned in when we got back to our lodging.  I’m writing this quickly Thursday morning and will continue after the clinic today.  I hope we have a HUGE day with people being off work.  More details to come about Wednesday and today…t

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