Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Final Album of Spring Mission Trip pictures ready, just in time to do it again in November!

Here are the rest of the Spring trip pictures, there are a few more Nairobi Game Park pictures to go, but they will be added to these existing albums.

This link goes to pictures of our worship with Pipeline and the Vision Clinic

This link takes you to the 2 safaris that we were blessed to enjoy, first at Lake Naivasha and then at the end of the week, at the Nairobi National Game Park

I hope you like these!  Stay tuned, we will be saddling up again in a little over a week to conduct a Vision Clinic at Waithaka, the location of a new church plant that our friends at the Lutheran Church in the slum of Kawangware are working on.  We couldn't be happier to be helping in this effort.

Thank you, Jesus!